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[DIFF] 16:57 [INFO] emanuele6 add explicit example of iterating a glob with for and nullglob. use `nullglob` instead of ''nullglob'' for consistency
[DIFF] 09:06 [INFO] 194 [1-2] #01 Reverting: skipping the `$` sign is OK for the `-gt`, `-lt`, `-ge`, `-le` operators in `[[` context. Can't find where this is documented, but it might have been intentionally omitted.
#02 Add missing $ sign for using a variable in a [[ comparison as intended rather than a string literal.
[DIFF] 12:18 [INFO] emanuele6 mention ed
[DIFF] 13:36 [INFO] emanuele6 --pretty-print
[DIFF] 01:38 [INFO] emanuele6 fix incorrect usage of associative arrays in arithmetic contexts
[DIFF] 12:37 [INFO] emanuele6 clarify that some of the "Bourne solutions" will also work in POSIX sh :/
[DIFF] 14:45 [INFO] emanuele6 unset => unset -v
[DIFF] 10:02 [INFO] 89 fixed quoting, in "else printf ..." below "Bash version 3 and above have..."
[DIFF] 09:45 [INFO] 84 Changed from http://to.lhunath.co m/bashlib to https://github.com/l hunath/scripts/blob/ master/bashlib/bashl ib as the Google link shortener used is no longer active
[DIFF] 15:08 [INFO] emanuele6 quote [p]asswd
[DIFF] 15:06 [INFO] emanuele6 http -> https
[DIFF] 23:38 [INFO] emanuele6 [1-8] #01 typo
#03 fix errors
#05 highlighting
#06 add comment for Crestwave's solution
#07 add syntax highlighting
#08 suggest `(( ${#BASH_SOURCE[@]} > 1 ))'


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