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[DIFF] 14:42 [INFO] GreyCat [1]
151 [2]
#01 No, kill -0 is NOT a suicide order. It's a status probe. If you don't like the wording, at least replace it with something that has the same meaning.
[DIFF] 10:00 [INFO] 151 per bash manual "7.1 Job Control Basics"
[DIFF] 16:24 [INFO] GreyCat Add subheaders, move things around a bit.
[DIFF] 07:54 [INFO] geirha When dynamically loadable completions became possible
[DIFF] 10:46 [INFO] 14
[DIFF] 17:48 [INFO] Valentin Bajrami
[DIFF] 14:15 [INFO] intranet
[DIFF] 13:38 [INFO] GreyCat so many timeout implementations now
[DIFF] 22:25 [INFO] geirha mycmd might not need to be run as root, so let's not encourage it


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