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[DIFF] 22:54 [INFO] emanuele6 [1-4] #01 sed before awk
#02 fix formatting pt 2
#03 fix formatting
#04 add syntax highlighting, --, and awk and sed "contains neither foo nor bar" examples
[DIFF] 09:06 [INFO] emanuele6 [ ! "${par:+blabla}" ] => [ -z "$par" ]
[DIFF] 21:24 [INFO] larryv alphabetized the table of examples
[DIFF] 19:04 [INFO] emanuele6 [1]
larryv [2]
#01 unset => `unset`
#02 fixed typo
[DIFF] 16:56 [INFO] emanuele6 [1]
GreyCat [2]
#01 formatting: change some '' to ` . they were hard to read in italics
#02 Multi-dimensional array
[DIFF] 04:29 [INFO] GreyCat link to page 6, again, and remove some redundant wording
[DIFF] 15:59 [INFO] GreyCat link to page 6
[DIFF] 22:58 [INFO] emanuele6 printf %n


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