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[DIFF] 10:17 [INFO] emanuele6 add $IFS and use -v with unset
[DIFF] 10:02 [INFO] emanuele6 I just reread one of my old scripts that loops PATH. I remembered that I had to use $PATH$IFS to make bash not ignore : at the end of PATH; end $IFS makes the '' from the previous edit unnecessary
[DIFF] 10:34 [INFO] 82 Update link to
[DIFF] 13:36 [INFO] emanuele6 head -5 => head -n5
[DIFF] 19:24 [INFO] larryv added user-friendly anchors
[DIFF] 04:33 [INFO] ormaaj [1-4] #01 >:-|
#02 :/
#03 --
#04 Changes. Ignoring 5.2 for now
[DIFF] 01:07 [INFO] larryv added user-friendly anchors
[DIFF] 01:14 [INFO] emanuele6 s/BASH_REMATCH/BASH_ SOURCE/g # lol


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