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[DIFF] 19:33 [INFO] ormaaj [1-3] #03 45 rephrase
[DIFF] 20:31 [INFO] GreyCat freenode -> libera
[DIFF] 20:29 [INFO] GreyCat freenode -> libera
[DIFF] 07:53 [INFO] geirha s/freenode/libera
[DIFF] 11:54 [INFO] geirha [^...] in regex
[DIFF] 08:49 [INFO] geirha [1-2] #01 formatting typo
#02 The `\c` is only applicable with GNU find
[DIFF] 09:01 [INFO] geirha s/freenode/libera
[DIFF] 18:04 [INFO] 182
[DIFF] 02:45 [INFO] GreyCat FAQ 121: What does value too great for base mean? (Octal values in arithmetic.)
[DIFF] 13:59 [INFO] geirha PROMPT_COMMAND may be an array
[DIFF] 13:02 [INFO] geirha Revert to revision 47. the example output was correct


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