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[DIFF] 22:02 [INFO] larryv remove random note about mktemp, which isn't even mentioned on this page
[DIFF] 21:58 [INFO] larryv remove redundant link
[DIFF] 13:49 [INFO] 27 Fix grammar mistake and clarify
[DIFF] 13:08 [INFO] emanuele6 remove unnecessary semicolon
[DIFF] 18:46 [INFO] larryv [1-7] #01 show error message for ''[-f file]''
#02 try to clarify that PATH=foo:$PATH keeps the existing entries
#03 replace accidental hyphen-minus with em dash
#04 add brief description of keywords in "Review" section
#05 try to explain keywords a little more
#06 quickly explain what the [ a < b ] and [[ a < b]] examples are intended to do, and link to BashGuide/TestsAndCo nditionals
#07 quickly explain what the [-f file] example is intended to do, and link to TestsAndConditionals
[DIFF] 23:31 [INFO] emanuele6 [1]
geirha [2]
#01 calling "bitwise NOT" is a little confusing; "complement" would be more appropriate, but i think it's best to just call it "bitwise NOT"
#02 | in case
[DIFF] 12:13 [INFO] emanuele6 [1-3] #01 fix file -> "$file"
#02 replace wc(1) with awk(1) in examples since POSIX wc may print blanks before and after the number (it does in MacOS and FreeBSD/NetBSD); wc(1) is generally not script friendly (see V1_chap05)
#03 quote expansions where necessary and don't use `$' in arithmetic contexts
[DIFF] 05:58 [INFO] emanuele6 replace `wc' with `awk'
[DIFF] 05:23 [INFO] emanuele6 [1-3] #01 clarify that that enabling the extglob shopt is not necessary to use extglob patterns inside of [[ in bash4.1
#02 remention shopt-sextglob, but add comment about shopt not being necessary in ksh. add syntax highlighting. echo -> printf. fix indentation. `{{{ a}}}' -> ` {{{a}}}'
#03 remove "shopt -s extglob" from Bash/ksh example: shopt doesn't exist in ksh and is not necessary in bash.
[DIFF] 15:05 [INFO] emanuele6 add syntax highlighting. fix indentation. `unset' -> `unset -v'.


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