Use of noclobber

When setting 'noclobber' overwriting the content of an existing file by the '>' redirection operator will not be possible. You might have typed '>' to redirect the output of a certain command to an existing file, while you intended to use '>>' redirection operator. This is where 'noclobber' comes in action, preventing you from accidentally deleting the content of the existing file.

How to use it

ls > list

Try setting noclobber

set -o noclobber

Try again

ls > list
bash: list: cannot overwrite existing file 

How to overwrite the file even with noclobber set

If you are determined to overwrite the file you can use the '>|' method. Thus

ls >| list 

Unset noclobber

Just like setting noclobber, it is also possible to unset it so overwriting can take place using '>' redirection operator.

set +o noclobber

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