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[DIFF] 20:45 [INFO] GreyCat associative arrays, and fix a quoting issue... and quarantine everything that's wrong.
[DIFF] 17:31 [INFO] GreyCat Examples of teacher idiocy.
[DIFF] 17:30 [INFO] GreyCat
[DIFF] 14:26 [INFO] c-68-49-79-197 [1-2] #02 Mention/link -exec vs -execdir security implications.
[DIFF] 14:00 [INFO] GreyCat What's the difference between "cmd < file" and "cat file | cmd"? What is a UUOC?
[DIFF] 21:02 [INFO] GreyCat [1]
monade [2]
#01 link to wikipedia's "event loop", not "event"
#02 ProcessManagement -> process management
[DIFF] 19:00 [INFO] GreyCat reversing an array without printing, and some clean up
[DIFF] 19:42 [INFO] GreyCat expand on the basic syntax elements of BRE a bit more, mention AREs
[DIFF] 20:17 [INFO] GreyCat expand 27 ( local var=$(cmd) ) to include dash's non-assignment behavior
[DIFF] 18:57 [INFO] GreyCat link to example 3
[DIFF] 18:57 [INFO] GreyCat link to example 3
[DIFF] 18:56 [INFO] GreyCat Exercise 3: Grouping integers into ranges


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