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[DIFF] 13:26 [INFO] GreyCat Generalize to more than ssh, clean up, rewrite.
[DIFF] 20:59 [INFO] monade [1]
tor-exit1-readme [2]
#01 No it didn't
#02 $1 needed quotes
[DIFF] 20:33 [INFO] GreyCat typos
[DIFF] 19:13 [INFO] GreyCat arrays as lists, and some minor corrections under arithmetic
[DIFF] 14:14 [INFO] GreyCat clear up some writing
[DIFF] 20:04 [INFO] GreyCat [1]
scrimple [2-4]
#01 Add =, &, globs, and (deprecated) $[ ], remove TLDP link, clean up a bit.
#02 Cleanup / deduplication. New section to include pitfall chars that appear quite often but shouldn't.
[DIFF] 18:36 [INFO] ip68-3-80-236 Moving the history expansion character out of the double quotes is, I think, the simplest solution. The only issue here would be if you have ! in IFS
[DIFF] 15:28 [INFO] 142


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