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[DIFF] 20:54 [INFO] user18
[DIFF] 00:32 [INFO] pool-71-188-87-188 fix link to #Parameter_Expansion
[DIFF] 17:40 [INFO] Add IFS=$'\n' read -r -d '' -a array < <(command && printf '\0') idiom
[DIFF] 05:46 [INFO] r180-216-10-159 [1-3] #02 Empty line removed for aesthetic uniformity.
#03 Added `sleep 0.1` after each `printf` to mitigate cpu stress.
[DIFF] 19:04 [INFO] 65
[DIFF] 18:43 [INFO] GreyCat Make visible prompt consistent.
[DIFF] 15:21 [INFO] StephaneChazelas mention symlink issue remove minor as it's not minor, you may also no be able to reapply the same permissions. Also mention other possible metadata that people may overlook


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