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[DIFF] 18:25 [INFO] 85 [1-2] #02 Unnecessarily complex and incorrect.
[DIFF] 18:05 [INFO] atlantic850
[DIFF] 08:44 [INFO] geirha Revert to revision 104. this is rather poorly written; using uppercase variable names for internal purposes, missing quotes here and there, inconsistent use of syntax, not testing if cd fails. The list goes on.
[DIFF] 08:59 [INFO] 80
[DIFF] 21:23 [INFO] izabera &; -> ;&
[DIFF] 14:32 [INFO] GreyCat use a wiki-markup table, not an ASCII art table
[DIFF] 09:47 [INFO] geirha Wrapping them in backquotes; the colons are easier to see in a monospace font
[DIFF] 18:22 [INFO] GreyCat "proceding" is not a word
[DIFF] 00:31 [INFO] larryv fixed typo
[DIFF] 21:03 [INFO] geirha [1-3]
geirha [4]
#01 removing 1.14.7
#02 found older bug-bash emails at google groups, so found dates for most versions down to 1.01
#03 Including table of release dates
#04 Listing major.minor (year) instead of which alpha versions the features appeared


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