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[DIFF] 20:51 [INFO] tor2 Switch order of head and tail to avoid problems if file contains less than n lines. Also requires less data to be copied.
[DIFF] 20:35 [INFO] tor2 [1-2]
46 [3]
#01 remove ugly extra whitespace
#02 simplify
#03 simplify to shifts instead of multiplying by 256 multiple times
[DIFF] 19:52 [INFO] 46 change echo to printf, remove useless { }
[DIFF] 19:39 [INFO] 46
[DIFF] 07:35 [INFO] dynamic-109-81-210-243
[DIFF] 19:04 [INFO] geirha [1-3] #01 forgot the anchor
#02 stray quote
#03 pf 48 -- export CDPATH
[DIFF] 12:53 [INFO] geirha Update for bash 4.4
[DIFF] 15:09 [INFO] izabera
[DIFF] 16:38 [INFO] guac Missing right-curly-brace.
[DIFF] 17:35 [INFO] torland1-this [1-3] #01 Use case instead of test. Remove true and : and move condition into test of while loop
#02 Also works with OpenBSD
[DIFF] 20:13 [INFO] geirha smaller headings, and including some introduction on how to use POSIX in practice
[DIFF] 13:00 [INFO] AladW [1-2]
geirha [3]
ip-83-134-84-140 [4]
#01 grammar
#02 mention set -e in subshells + inherit_errexit (4.4)
#03 errexit + pipefail pitfall
#04 explain why set -e ignores process substitution
[DIFF] 12:02 [INFO] ip-83-134-84-140 [1-3] #01 clarify
#02 complete sentence, grammar
#03 mention while/if exceptions for read, add break


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