About me

Hello, my name is Todd Partridge. I've been a Linux enthusiast, documenter, and programmer since 2007. I contribute my time on the Arch Linux wiki and I like to blog (linuxtidbits). Please be free to leave any questions or comments.


- Hey Todd, I've noticed your interest in improving the bash guide. Are you interested in going through the guide at <http://guide.bash.academy>? Lhunath

I got a chance to look over your site and am very impressed with the detail and dedication that has been put into it... it is something that has much promise. However, I must say... I think our methodologies may be a good deal different. If a minute could be given for me to explain...

I've written before articles, tips... at a website, over a number of years, that eventually got lost when an ISP folded. Not to get into details but the owner was diligent to try and recover... anyhow, from then on I just decided to do writing on sites I felt pretty good would be around for awhile. If it could be understood, this caution for me may not have anything to do with this situation whatsoever; however, I must mention, that conviction of otherwise would probably be unlikely.

Additionally, of concern, that while I see tremendous potential in trying to create a custom instructional website, I am a bit leery of operating outside an established documentation format. The formatting and writing standards such as wiki has helps me keep focused and within my capabilities.

I know these are large differences in opinions on creativity, if they are not taken in the best light, then I apologize. The effort is noble and I wish the best with it. Todd Partridge