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You -- yes, '''you''' -- are an idiot!

Here are some other idiots in whose company you may find solace.

{{{zald> how do i put \n for each line it output on this command " foovar=`cat var`; echo $foovar
greycat> !pitfalls
greybot> http://wooledge.org/mywiki/BashPitfalls
greycat> !quotes
greybot> USE MORE QUOTES! http://www.grymoire.com/Unix/Quote.html
zald> payal, what is the proper way?
zald> because the output is in online line
greycat> zald: pitfalls. quotes.
zald> status1=`cat accesslist | grep -v -x $ipaddress1 `;
greycat> specifically the pitfall whose content is echo $foo
redduck666> !uuoc
greybot> Useless Use of Cat (cat foo | grep bar). See <http://www.ruhr.de/home/smallo/award.html>.
greycat> redduck666: you win that one :)
redduck666> :)
zald> what will i use then to replace cat
greycat> Do you actually READ anything we tell you to read?!
zald> sorry let me check
greycat> hmm, actually the uuoc page assume the reader is not ignorant.
zald> thank you so much payal, i just put an echo "$foo" , instead of echo $foo
zald> thanks for the links
greycat> My. Fucking. God.
greycat> we told you THREE TIMES and then you thanked her....
floyd_n_milan> payal, meh give it a rest already
floyd_n_milan> you guys should both just *plonk* each other you know
greycat> at the moment, I'm just pissed off at that zald idiot for NOT reading the pitfalls page when I told him to (I even told him **which one to read**!)
zald> im not aware that you are talking to me then greycat}}}
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